Empower Field Agents,
Eliminate Fraud

The FLUID mobile app protects your financial institution from fraud and cash suppression while enabling your Field Agents to work faster.

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Secure your customers' deposits and data

We make Field Microfinance safe.

  • Protect your microfinance deposits from suppression through our VideoPayment feature.
  • Ensure that new accounts created contain accurate customer data through our digital account creation feature.

Digital Microfinance Creates Speed and Efficiency

Technology to bring the best from your Field Staff.

  • Field Agents using FLUID are 95% faster when collecting payments
  • New Accounts created with FLUID can be approved in 30 minutes. Much faster than the 48 hour industry average in Ghana.

Transform your Microfinance

Allow your entire organization to win!

For Microfinance Managers

FLUID’s sophisticated tracking of field operations allows Managers assess the performance of their Field Teams and reduce fraud risks.

For Field Agents

Our team of designers and engineers obsess over creating a simple and delightful experience for Field Agents. We make every aspect of field work easy and efficient.

For Customers

Trust and convenience matter for microfinance customers. By making the customer experience digital and secure, we make microfinance enjoyable for your clients.

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